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The normal board meeting days are the 4th Thursday of the month in September, October, and January through June.  The November/December meeting is combined and held on the second Thursday of the month.

The Board meets alternately in Crawford County and Marion County.  When in Crawford County, the meeting is held at the Crawford County Courthouse and in Marion it is held at the Marion Board office.

A schedule of meetings for Fiscal Year 13 is as follows:

09-27-12     6:00P.M.     MARION
10-25-12     6:00P.M.     BUCYRUS
12-13-12*     6:00P.M.     MARION
01-24-13     6:00P.M.     BUCYRUS
02-28-13     6:00P.M.     MARION
03-28-13     6:00P.M.     BUCYRUS
04-25-13     6:00P.M.     MARION
05-23-13     6:00P.M.     BUCYRUS
06-27-13     6:00P.M.     MARION

* Indicates that meeting is NOT on the 4th Thursday of the month

Locations: Marion Board Office: 142 S. Prospect St.
Bucyrus Crawford County Courthouse 112 E. Mansfield St.

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