What is ADAMH all about?

All of us know someone whose life has been touched by a mental health concern or substance abuse. In fact, one out of three Americans – 60 million people – will experience a mental health concern during his or her lifetime.

In addition, about 1.1 million adult Ohioans are addicted to alcohol or other drugs. Fortunately, there is hope and help for people recovering from these devastating conditions, thanks to the Crawford-Marion Board of Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services and its partner agencies.

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Crawford-Marion Board of Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services

Our local partner agencies are committed to providing the highest level of quality services. This website is your “one-stop-shop” to connect you to local services as well as informational and educational resources
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DepressionExplore the facts: Major Depression & Suicide

Major depression is a serious medical illness affecting 9.9 million American adults, or approximately 5 percent of the adult population in a given year.  Read More

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